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PCB Reverse Engineering -Single to Multilayer Boards

  Solutions that helped customer to have a complete documentation of their boards to create ODB++ FILES for Boundry scan Test and Flying board testers. The customer has 350 different boards being designed and manufactured by 3rd party. .

This is how the reverse engineering services started. If You have a printed circuit board that you need reverse engineered, CEDA can help you.  From a component mounted PCB we can recreate  circuit diagram, generate a Bill of Material and design a PCB Layout.

Further, if you require a prototype PCB and component assembly we can provide that too. Over more than Fifteen years CEDA executed several hundred of PCB Reverse Engineering service worldwide & many of them turned their product to successful ventures.

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  Reasons to reverse engineer an existing PCB may include:

• Lost or corrupt files with the need to modify the current design.
• PCB no longer manufactured & require replacements  •Documentation require to service the boards in-house
. • Design Analysis/Study of an existing board

CEDA PCB Reverse Engineering Services can take an existing PCB  and create a complete documentation package required for fabrication..............                                                                                  

This documentation package includes:
 Fabrication drawings
 Bill of materials (BOM)
 Schematic capture files
 Gerber files
 CAD design
 Drill data


To get an Instant Quote-Email us the size of the Board & 

photograph of both the sides of your PCB at pcbceda@gmail.com







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