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  PCB Reverse Engineering

                                                                   CEDA also provides pcb reverse engg., pcb copying, pcb duplicating  - from single side board to multilayer Printed circuit board. We can extract connection details and then start Schematics drawing, PCB Layout design, from Bare (blank) or component loaded PCB, BOM Extraction, developing prototypes. Finally, small batch or mass production can be undertaken          Email us the photographs of both the sides of your PCB to get a immediate quote pcbceda@gmail.com




We are experts in - MCU crack,MCU attack,MCU extraction, MCU service,MCU reverse,MCU brake,MCU decryption and recover microcode from almost any MCU, CPLD or FPGA.

Please note:
We provide code extraction services for educational purposes only. In some countries it can be illegal to use above mentioned devices, please check your local laws.
We cannot take any responsibility in relation to the use of above mentioned devices that may be considered illegal.


  1. Send us the Chip on Board or only the Chip & 5 Blank Chips

  2. We destroy the Chip and decode it

  3. We send you a fresh chip and the program

  4. Time involved - 2-4 weeks

 Write to us your MCU/FPGA Part # at pcbceda@gmail.com




  Download a copy of partial list of MCU WE HAVE DECODED